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Recycling is the most well-established and commonly practiced approach to environmental or Green Living. Massive government campaigns promoted the benefits of recycling beginning during World War II and corporate America began to recognize and promote the benefits of recycling in the late 1960’s due to rising energy costs.

The benefits of recycling are two-fold: (1) recycling reduces the amount of waste in landfills and, (2) by recycling we are able to provide a large, sustained supply of recyclable materials to manufacturers. By utilizing recycled materials as a base for new products rather than using all new materials, manufacturers can save up to 95% of the energy required for production and lower the costs of goods to the consumer.

To ensure an adequate supply of recyclables are available (and to protect the environment) HHHunt encourages our apartment community residents to recycle common household materials such as:

  1. Aluminum Cans
  2. Glass Bottles
  3. Paper (newspaper, cardboard, etc…)
  4. Plastics (bottles, bags, etc…)
  5. Steel and Tin Cans

Many HHHunt apartment communities have on-site recycling bins for these common household items and local municipalities have established neighborhood recycling centers. These city or county neighborhood centers also accept a wide variety of other recyclables such as electronics, batteries, paint and appliances.

To obtain more information about recycling in general or to find a neighborhood recycling center in your area, please visit learn more about how you can Live Green at HHHunt.