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Drive less

The cost of oil has been at the forefront of recent world events and has a major impact on our economy. For these reasons, the government has increased efforts to find alternate fuel sources and has encouraged auto makers to produce more fuel efficient vehicles.

Purchasing a hybrid or a vehicle that runs on an alternate fuel source is one way to positively impact the environment and the economy, but there are a myriad of other ways to reduce fuel consumption. By choosing to live in an HHHunt apartment community, you are already reducing consumption since we develop apartment communities in close proximity to services and major employers. But it doesn’t stop there…

  • Meet your neighbors. It may open up opportunities for carpooling and ride sharing.
  • Bike, walk or job. Why not incorporate a daily or weekly bike/walk/jog to work into your exercise routine?
  • Utilize mass transit. Become familiar with transportation opportunities in your area such as the train, bus or light rail. Just think of how much you can do while someone else drives you to work.

When an alternate source of transportation is not an option - here are several tips to improve fuel efficiency from

  • In the summer, if you are driving over 40 mph, do not open your windows. Use air conditioning instead. Conversely, if you drive under 40 mph, it is more fuel efficient to turn off the air conditioning and drive with the windows down.
  • The most fuel efficient speed in a vehicle is 55 mph.
  • Do not accelerate when going up a hill. Simply maintain your speed.
  • Drive as smoothly as possible – accelerating sharply uses more fuel.
  • Unless your car was made to burn premium gas, use the lower octane version. High octane gas does not increase fuel efficiency.
  • If you are at a stop for a short period (in line at a drive through, in traffic, etc…) let your car idle rather than turning it off.
  • Make sure that the tires are inflated properly and balanced.
  • Coast with your foot off of the accelerator whenever possible.
  • Do not drive 10 miles out of your way to save 3 cents a gallon for gas.