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Rent v Buy – Is Homeownership for You?

Is Homeownership for you

There are many questions that you should ask yourself prior to making the decision to buy.

    ✓ Do I have a downpayment of at least 20%?
    ✓ Am I debt free or close to it?
    ✓ Do I plan to stay in the house for at least 7 years?
    ✓ Do I have at least 6 months living expenses saved up for emergencies?
    ✓ How much space do I need?
    ✓ Do I need a garage?
    ✓ Do I need a yard for pets or children?
    ✓ Do I like to garden?
    ✓ Do I want recreational facilities such as a pool, tennis courts, etc…?
    ✓ Do I like to fix things?
    ✓ Do I plan to move or accept new employment soon?
    ✓ How close to shopping, retail and restaurants do I want to be?
    ✓ How far from work am I willing to be?
    ✓ Do I live paycheck to paycheck?

For those who desire a yard, a garden or a lot of space (over 1500 square feet) a house may be a better choice if they are financially ready to buy a home.

However, since HHHunt can pool the resources of the organization and purchase prime real estate, those who value convenience to shopping and restaurants, a short commute to work or superior school districts may be better off renting a home at HHHunt.

Those who value flexibility in their housing and employment options and those who enjoy access recreational facilities such as fitness facilities, pools, tennis courts and social events may also be better suited to renting a home.


  • People who want more expendable income to invest in their 401K’s or the stock market
  • People who enjoy being taken care of by a professional management team
  • Empty nesters
  • Anyone starting a new career or new job
  • People who like to travel for fun
  • Professionals who travel often for work
  • Consultants who are transferred frequently
  • Busy people with no time for maintenance or yard work
  • People who want to spend their free time with family and friends

HHHunt employs a skilled staff to deal with any and all issues that may arise. From the Custodial Team who wipes down doors and picks up litter to Service Team Members who are plumbers, electricians, HVAC technicians and carpenters rolled into one, every maintenance request is handled promptly and professionally. This translates into a clean, well-maintained home with virtually no effort on your part and no additional cost.

The time savings an HHHunt resident realizes by having no maintenance responsibilities is compounded by the flexibility offered by apartment living.

As the employment market rebounds, there are many job new opportunities being created. HHHunt residents are positioned so that they may take advantage of new employment opportunities without having to worry about the time and expense of selling a house.