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HHHunt Rent vs. Buy - Reviews and Testimonials

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five-star rating 5 out of 5 based on 8 ratings.   8 user reviews

Maintenance Man was extremely knowledgeable, and gave excellent service. As Homeowner of over 25 years, it would have taken me a lot longer to do the same job, on my own house !

Joel H. - Auston Grove Apartment Homes

Renting for me is both a personal and financial decision, financial because it makes budgeting easier as there are no surprising maintenance or repair bills, there is easy and unlimited access to amenities that saves me from signing up at the local gym. I know from month to month what my rent will be which among other things makes budgeting and financial planning less of a headache.

Even though i prefer to rent i still like the look and feel of beautiful home, The Gardens undoubtedly provides the look of luxury from the entrance to the facilities provided and more importantly the actual layout, style and functionality of the unit.

I previously lived in a neighboring rental community and just happen to drive by the Gardens three months into my contract, i knew then where my next home would be.

Jerry D. - The Gardens at Twin Hickory

"Terrion Hicks was at the office when I popped in around 2 minutes before closing. He helped me fax some really important paperwork and even double checked to see if I had received a highly important envelope, which I did. Let's be honest, 2 minutes before closing time, all of us want to be out the door and not deal with anyone ... it's human nature. Terrion on the other hand took an additional 10 minutes of his own time to help me with my fax and look for a package, something that could have been done the following day. And honestly, I wouldn't have minded coming back the following day but he did all this 2 minutes before closing due to his excellent work ethic and the goodness of his heart.

This is not the first time the staff at Auston Grove Apartments has gone above and beyond to help me, and I am definitely sure that I am not the only tenant who feels this way. I have been at Auston Grove for roughly 5+ years. You know what has kept me here all this time? It is their excellent customer service.

They are very professional and extremely friendly. Terrion, Tiffany, the two Chris(es) are at the top of their game in the Apartment rent business. They are the main reason I keep signing 15-month leases on an annual basis and continually refer my friends to rent at Auston Grove. In fact, right now is a really good time to be buying a house.

The maintenance crew provide the same top notch service as the Complex office staff.  They can work with minimum supervision. I believe they deserve due recognition for their hard work in keeping my apartment in tip top shape. Keep it up guys. Y'all make me never want to move out."

Walter F. - Auston Grove Apartment Homes

"Your maintenance tech Riley Sullivan serviced our cold air return on 1/30/15. He was very professional as well as personable. Did a great job ! This maintenance request started with your very capable , helpful , and understanding office personal. They listened to my request and got the ball rolling to meet my request in a very timely fashion. My wife and I have lived here for 5 months now and we are both impressed with ALL your staff.We have lived in our own home for 29 years but decided to downsize recently. I did not expect this level of service and commend you on your staff !!!!!

Steve C. - Pebble Creek Apartment Homes

"As of February 4 It will be 11 years I have lived in Auston Grove. I always hear the same thing from people all the time - your still living there...renting....yes I am!!! I wouldn't want to live anywhere else. I came here a single mother with a young boy. What a great place to raise my son. We have the most amazing team of people working here. I have known Chris Carlyle and Chris Jones the longest. I honestly can't say enough great things about them. Without them I would have been lost. When I come home I always have a smile on my face. Our complex is always beautifully landscaped and clean. Our maintenance crew is exceptional and professional. Always there when something needs to be done and they get it done in record time! I am soo very excited about the improvement to the gym. WOW!!! Everything you could ever want! Nothing was left out!! I have been every day since! I can't thank you enough. Im very appreciative for all that you all do! Auston Grove wouldnt be what it is without the most exceptional team working here!! Chris Jones, Chris Carlyle, Tiffany Barclift, Terrion Hicks and our awesome maintenance team - they all make a great place to live at Auston Grove! I love you all! And here is to another 11 years!! - a very satisfied resident"

Robin F. - Auston Grove Apartment Homes

"Living at Pebble Creek makes it hard to even imagine ever wanting to buy a home. The amenities, location, maintenance, office staff, grounds, and over sized homes...topped with reasonable rent, makes it near impossible to justify owning. This especially true for a single professional like myself. I truly can picture being here for Years to come!"

Todd N.- Pebble Creek Apartment Homes

"A broken dishwasher repaired and like new in less than a day, at no cost to me and no effort on my part. Incidents like this remind me of the benefits of renting. And thanks to Jamie for always being spot-on with his kindness and professionalism."

Charlotte - The Gardens at Twin Hickory

"Everyone here is terrific. So friendly, helpful, and professional. The service is second to none. I absolutely love living here! It's been over two years and I have no intention of leaving. I love my upgraded home. It's far nicer than the townhouse I used to own and worry-free!"

Sara - Abberly Place Apartment Homes